Please contact your Minisoft sales representative about getting an extension. A common way to do this is shown in fig 1a. The interfaces in java. Select New Linked Server and configure the linked server as shown in Figure All three products allow you read and write to TurboImage and Eloquence as if they were like any other database. If auto-commit is on, then each statement executed with executeUpdate method will be committed immediately.

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It is good practice to exit a program gracefully, although the JDBC driver should take care of things if you don’t. The only difference between each execution of the statement might be some selection criteria or update values. This is illustrated in fig 1b. Minisoct empty includes all columns. The expression of Calculated items are in SQL syntax. The Connection Configuration dialog box displays as shown in Figure This configuration will control how the data is retrieved from the databases.

The other is an application specific server. Do minisovt include the group and account.

theKompany – Review of WebDimension from MiniSoft

Item Name and Alias fields: A catalog file must then be created with the Catalog Editor and uploaded to the server.

A fire wall or proxy server is not allowing connections on port Removes the selected item from the security list. Secure 92 is the complete terminal emulation and data communications package. This is not needed but the code will force the class named by the string to be loaded. This value specifies the maximum number of concurrent connections on this port. Users in this list may update records in the table.


The datasource contains the HP specific information for connecting to the database s. This can be a workstation running Access, Excel or Crystal Reports.

Minisoft® Middleware ODBC/32® Driver JDBC Driver OLE DB Data

The getTables method returns a ResultSet object that is used to retrieve the information about the tables. You can specify everything that is needed to connect to the minnisoft as a property.

The most common information is the names of the tables in the database, and the layout of those tables. The third and subsequent parts identify how to connect to the database.

It is possible for an item to have more than one TPI key associated with jrbc.

The parameters are numbered, starting at 1, mihisoft the order they appear in the statement. Now create your queries and reports that use the data currently stored in your Image Database.

For example a composite key containing two items, where the first item is a J2 with the value of and the second is an X10 with the value of 1 ABC St, would have a value of ABC St. End-user tools, however, have not yet shown up in the market. To run the applet, here is a sample of where files would be installed on a Web Server: The software may not be installed on a network server for access by more than one personal computer without written permission from Minisoft, Inc.


The 3-tier model, like the 2-tier model, can apply to the applet, client-server application, minisofg servlet scenarios. Connection Methods createStatement This method creates a Statement object. This is typically used when the statement contains parameters, or when the statement will be executed more than once.

Review of WebDimension from MiniSoft

Web Dimension was originally being called Javelin Designer last year when it was being developed, and you might recall me mentioning that in my review of Javelin last year.

Click for Minisoft Sponsor Message. Other minsoft in java. Contact your network administrator or use an allowed port.