什么是Olymp Trade?

How To Trade And Win In Olymp Trade With A Simple And Easy Way

As beginners, many 什么是Olymp Trade? people want to test whether the Olymp Trade platform really pays money and lets you withdraw money or not. Here, in this article, I will show you one of the easiest ways to open a 什么是Olymp Trade? profitable order and make some profit in Olymp Trade. At the same time, I will give you a few notes on how to trade in Olymp Trade.

Video for making money in Olymp Trade with 什么是Olymp Trade? an account of $50

How to make money in Olymp Trade with a $50 account

Choose the reasonable trading assets in Olymp Trade

If you are new with a starter account of only $50, then you should choose currency pairs or assets with a payout rate of 80% or more. This is the profit ratio that you will receive if you win. For example, you enter 1 transaction of $100 with a payout 什么是Olymp Trade? of 80%. If you win, you will gain a profit of $80.

Selecting Fixed Time and the currency pair for trading

Notes: The higher the payout rate is, the more secure your balance becomes.

For example, you are trading with the USD/JPY pair and a 什么是Olymp Trade? payout of 60%. You open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You lose 什么是Olymp Trade? 什么是Olymp Trade? $20 for 2 losing orders and make $18 for 3 winning orders => Your balance is still losing 什么是Olymp Trade? 什么是Olymp Trade? $2.

But if you trade with the EUR/USD pair and a payout of 80%. You also open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You are still profitable with $4.

Advice for beginners: EUR/USD and GBP/USD are the best 2 currency pairs for you to get acquainted with 什么是Olymp Trade? during your first trades.

The principles of candlesticks

At different time frames, the price will have different fluctuations. It will also create different candlesticks. Just by observing, you can realize this.

For example, during this 什么是Olymp Trade? trading time frame, EUR/USD creates alternating green and red candles. There are at most 4 consecutive green candles, 什么是Olymp Trade? after which a red candle will appear. And vice versa, there are at most 4 consecutive red candles 什么是Olymp Trade? and then green candles will appear.

Analyzing candles in the Olymp Trade trading platform

Notes: Do not observe the 1-minute Japanese candlestick pattern. Fast fluctuations may make you lose money faster and easier.

Open correct orders

Now you know the principle of candles. The trading strategy for use in Olymp Trade that I mention now will be as follows. When 2 red candles appear in the market, you should start opening orders. Now you bet that the 什么是Olymp Trade? third candle will be a green one. If the third candle is still a red one, then open another order to bet that the fourth one will be green. It means that you will open 什么是Olymp Trade? 2 “HIGHER” orders continuously.

For details, you open 2 “HIGHER” orders to bet that a green candle will appear after 2 consecutive red candles.

Order 1: Bet on a green candle – open an UP order – $2 => LOSE

Opening an UP order

Order 2: Bet on a green candle – open 1 more UP order – $5 => WIN

Opening the second UP order

After 2 orders, you gain a profit of $2.1. Profit ratio is $2.1/$50 = 4% of the balance.

Know where to stop

Do you ever have these questions as follows? If 什么是Olymp Trade? you lose both orders in a row, what should you do? The answer is “Stop!”. When the movements of candles do not follow any cycle, then stop. Keep your money.

On the contrary, if you win, you should also know where to stop. You may find that you have only earned a few dollars. But in fact, the profit you gain is several percentages of your total capital.

什么是Olymp Trade?

Indicador 什么是Olymp Trade? 什么是Olymp Trade? Average Directional Index

Como regla general, la mayoría de los indicadores de tendencia existentes se encuentran directamente en 什么是Olymp Trade? el gráfico de precios. Sin embargo, hay una excepción a todas las reglas. Una de estas herramientas raras 什么是Olymp Trade? es el Average Directional Index (ADX), que recuerda más a un oscilador.

Todo lo que necesita saber 什么是Olymp Trade? sobre las estrategias de Fixed Time Trades

Especialmente para usted, hemos seleccionado los mejores sistemas básicos que le enseñarán 什么是Olymp Trade? a analizar el precio del activo, lo ayudarán a hacer sus primeras operaciones exitosas hoy mismo y aprenderá 什么是Olymp Trade? de Fixed Time Trades – uno de los instrumentos de trading más rentables.

Indicador Alligator

El indicador Alligator (“Aligátor”), es un indicador técnico, que fue desarrollado por el famoso y reconocido mundialmente trader Bill Williams. Alligator está representado por tres medias móviles, que demuestran más claramente el cambio en la dinámica del movimiento 什么是Olymp Trade? 什么是Olymp Trade? de las cotizaciones.

Indicadores Bulls Power y Bears Power

El comercio en los mercados financieros es una lucha eterna e incesante por un minuto entre vendedores y compradores. Esto se debe a los movimientos fluctuantes del precio y la formación de tendencias globales, que observamos en el gráfico de un activo en particular. Y qué bueno sería determinar, ¿de qué lado está la ventaja en estos casos: toros u osos?

Indicador 什么是Olymp Trade? 什么是Olymp Trade? Bollinger Bands

A pesar del hecho de que en la plataforma de negociación del corredor Olymp Trade hay una 什么是Olymp Trade? 什么是Olymp Trade? gran variedad de indicadores, sin embargo, uno de los más populares es Bollinger Bands. Esta herramienta se 什么是Olymp Trade? puede llamar universal con seguridad, ya que no solo es capaz de determinar con precisión el estado en general del mercado, sino también a tiempo para formar una señal para abrir una transacción.

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