如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比

显示包所在目录及信息,格式为: pip show 。如果不加包名,则提示 ERROR: Please provide a package name or names. 。

Chase Total Checking Account 摩根大通支票账户简介

【2022.7 更新】 时隔两年,$300 checking + $200 savings + $100 both 的开户奖励终于又回来啦!HT: DoC.

【2021.10 更新】 之前和CFU一起开多拿$100的开户奖励结束了,目前只有普通的$225开户奖励了。


  1. 开户奖励 $300。所需条件见下文。
  2. 月费 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 $12,避免月费方法见下文。
  3. 如果6个月内关账户,会被收回开户奖励。在那之后关户不会产生费用。
  4. Chase 是全国性大银行,网点众多。
  5. 【New】此账户可以 refer a friend。请点击这个链接开始 refer。推荐此账户给朋友并且申请成功的话,每成功一个你可以得到$50,上限为$500(10人)/calendar year。注意 refer 出来的只有 Checking $200 + Savings $150 的开户奖励。
  6. Chase Checking 使用不当有可能会被杀全家,请绝对避免使用 Chase Checking 做以下几件事:存大额现金、规律性存现金、存 Money Order、境外大额汇款。正常地把工资 Direct Deposit 进去、存支票、美国的银行之间互相转账都没关系。详情请参考《如何避免被 Chase 杀全家》。
  1. 理论上来讲,Non-Resident Alien (NRA) 不能网上开户,需要去实体店(有些纯线上银行没有实体店就对NRA身份很不友好)。关于自己是不是 Resident Alien (RA),请参考《报税身份辨析》,如果谎称身份银行应该不会去查,但是对于可能存在的未知风险请自负。
  2. 开户奖励要交税,会发 Form 1099-int (for US Person) 或者 Form 1042-s (for Non-Resident Alien (NRA)),这两张税表对各种身份都是很安全的不必有任何担忧。


  1. 此开户奖励只针对新客户。正在拥有 Chase Checking Account 的人和关户90天内的人无法获得这个开户奖励。拥有 Chase Savings Account 和 Chase 信用卡不影响你获得这个开户奖励。
  2. 【New】 新的条款写的是两年内只能拿一次Chase Checking账户的开户奖励,也就是说Chase Sapphire Checking现在和Chase Total Checking是互相限制的。
  3. 开户90天内做一笔 Direct deposit (DD),金额不限。


    如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比
  1. 每月做至少 $500 的 Direct deposit (DD);
  2. 维持此账户的每日余额在至少$1,500;
  3. Checking+Savings+investment 账户加起来每月平均余额至少$5,000。

Chase 是全国性大银行,网点众多,对于很多地方的人来说用它作为主力 Checking Account 都是可以的。加上其 Chase QuickPay 功能特别方便,更是让很多人选择长期开着这个账户。个人认为开/关一次拿开户奖励还说得过去,但是不建议仅仅为了获得开户奖励而反复开关他们家的账户,毕竟 Chase 家的信用卡实在是太给力了,如果把它惹恼了就得不偿失了。一定要注意,Chase Checking Account 浑身 G 点,请大家使用的时候一定要尽量避免现金交易以及大额交易,请仔细阅读《如何避免被 Chase 杀全家》。最高的开户奖励是 Checking $300 + Savings $300,一直都存在只不过大部分时候是 targeted 少部分时候是 public 的。这是个十分慷慨的奖励,如果没有拿过这个奖励,请抓紧时间上吧!




Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比




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Pocket Option Обзор 2022

Обзор Pocket Option с рейтингами экспертов, правилами, методами взноса средств, классами торгуемых активов, ценами, включая спреды и сборы, максимальным кредитным плечом, торговыми платформами, демо-счетами, отзывами настоящих клиентов и многим другим.

Pocket Option Общий рейтинг

Pocket Option Правила / Защита денег

В настоящее время эта компания не регулируется каким-либо государственным органом.

Pocket Option Binary Options Broker

Pocket Option launched services in the electronic contracts market in 2017 and became one of the most popular in 2019.

The brand Pocket Option is owned by a large corporation Gembell Limited. The trading terminal was developed by ITTrendex, an expert developer of platforms for binary options.

Pocket Option official website

Welcome to the website https://pocketoption.com. The slogan of the platform is “Trading made easy!” No wonder, that the Pocket Option website has an intuitive design and offers comprehensive 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 information for traders. There are sections on the trading terms, accounts, promotions, tournament 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 registration. Traders can also download a terminal for a PC or smartphone, and much more.

How to register an account

In order to register a new trading account, you need to click on the «Registration» button in the upper right 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 part of the official website. Then, in the window that opens, enter your E-mail and come up with a password. You can also use the quick 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 registration via Facebook or Google+.

You will receive email a confirmation link to your account. Click on it and log in your personal account to enter 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 additional information and pass verification.

Terms of trade

To start trading with Pocket Option, 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 you just need to add only $ 10 to your account. The minimum 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 contract amount is $ 1. At the same time, more than 100 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 assets are available, including cryptocurrencies, and the yield on some of them reaches 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 96%.

You can test your skills and evaluate the broker’s trading platform with an unlimited demo account. Beginners can get free training, and professional traders will 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 appreciate the wide range of analytical tools.


The Pocket Option trading platform is in many ways superior to its competitors. It is on the same level or better than professional terminal MT5 (by the way, you can registrar there as well).

You will find a wide range of traditional and innovative indicators such as SMA, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Parabolic SAR and Stochastic, Vortex, Awesome and Williams% R.

In addition to indicators, the Pocket Option terminal offers technical analysis 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 tools: trend lines, horizontal levels, channels, as well as a Fibonacci grid. Traders can choose almost any timeframe for trading, from 5 seconds to daily.

Traders can analyze the selected asset here on any type of chart. To buy 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 a contract, trader just need to enter the transaction amount, specify the expiration 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 date and click the “Higher” or “Lower” button on the right panel. At the same time, if you are new to binary options trading, then you can always use free signals or “Social Trading”.

Customer support

Pocket Option broker customer support service works 24/7. You can ask a question to a support employee 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 in one of the most convenient ways for you: phone call, chat or 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 e-mail.

Based on the numerous reviews of the company’s clients, we can conclude that the Pocket Option support service responds promptly to requests and resolves issues that have arisen as soon as possible.

Deposit / withdrawal of funds

One of the advantages is that there is no limit on replenishing or withdrawing funds from your account. The broker supports transactions not only using bank cards, but 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 also almost all e-wallets popular for your region.

The applications are reviewed without delay, in accordance with the established regulations. The Pocket Option does not charge any additional commissions. There is also an option of cashback.

Pros and cons of a broker

Let us open the cards and discuss the following advantages and disadvantages of Pocket Option:


  • Favorable trading conditions.
  • Multifunctional terminal.
  • 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比
  • Timely deposit / withdrawal of funds without commission.
  • Operational work of the 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 support service.
  • Licensed from FMRRC.


  • No access to FOREX trading.如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比

Summing up, we can say that Pocket Option deservedly occupies a leading position in the binary options market. Favorable conditions, reliability and a multifunctional terminal make the broker an excellent choice for traders who are serious about making a stable profit from trading electronic contracts.

Python 之 pip安装 及 使用详解

ZC·Shou 于 2018-12-14 13:59:34 发布 207879 收藏 450

pip 是啥

pip 是 Python 的包安装程序。其实,pip 就是 Python 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 标准库(The Python Standard Library)中的一个包,只是这个包比较特殊,用它可以来管理 Python 标准库(The Python Standard Library)中其他的包。pip 支持从 PyPI,版本控制,本地项目以及直接从分发文件进行安装。pip 是一个命令行程序。 安装 pip 后,会向系统添加一个 pip 命令,该命令可以从命令提示符运行。
目前,pip 是 The Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) 推荐的 Python 包管理工具!英文比较好的同学可以直接去官网参看其用户手册

PyPI(The Python Package Index,Python包索引)是 Python 编程语言的软件存储库。通常,我们就是从这上面安装各种 Python 的包,也可以在上面发布自己的包。
The Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) is a working group that maintains many of the relevant projects in Python packaging.

从 Python 2 版本 >=2.7.9 或 Python 3 版本 >=3.4 开始,官网的安装包中已经自带了 pip,在安装时用户可以直接选择安装。或者如果使用由 virtualenv 或者 pyvenv 创建的 Virtual Environment,那么 pip 也是被默认安装的。
如果没有在安装的时候,选择上安装pip,那么也可以从本地安装。例如,直接使用 get-pip.py 进行安装。首先从官网下载 get-pip.py ,然后直接运行 python get-pip.py 即可。

安装后,在命令行中键入: pip + 回车,就会出现如下使用说明:


命令行直接键入 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 pip install + 回车,则 出现如下提示: ERROR: You must give at least one requirement 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 to install (see "pip help install") 。接着我们键入 pip help install ,就会出现 pip install 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 的使用说明了,如下:

上面一大堆,总结来说,安装命令就是: pip install 或 pip install -r requirements.txt (对于本地安装包可以指定路径)。唯一需要特殊说明的是,安装时可以指定版本号来安装,举例如下:


卸载安装包命令: pip uninstall 或 pip uninstall -r requirements.txt

pip install -U 或:pip install --upgrade


pip freeze 查看已经安装的包及版本信息。导出到指定文件中。例如, pip freeze > requirements.txt ,文件名称随意;也可以使用 pip install -r requirements.txt ,两者等效。


列出当前已经安装的包。使用命令 pip list -o 则可查询可升级的包。


显示包所在目录及信息,格式为: pip show 。如果不加包名,则提示 ERROR: Please provide a package name or 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 如何在Pocket Option中激活现金返还并增加现金返还百分比 names. 。



搜索包,格式为: pip search 。如果不写关键字,则提示 ERROR: Missing required argument (search query). 。