Currently if I am hosting an Access. The error occurs because the impersonated Application Pool identity cannot access the temporary folder for the Network Service account. Thanks for the help…and the added humor. I was stuck with an existing DB which I inherited back then. Thanks a lot man. Microsoft Access databases have been popular for many years with developers who use Active Server Pages ASP for small-scale applications, but Microsoft Access databases are not designed for scalability, therefore Access databases should only be used where performance is not a factor, and it is best not to host large-scale data-driven applications with Microsoft Access databases. For example, the following lines of ASP code:.

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Your email address will not be published. For more information about UAC, see the following documentation:. You saved me for a lot of time of investigation. The file works on my online server just not on IIS.

You can configure this setting by changing the value of the Load User Profile attribute in the Advanced Settings dialog box for an application pool.

Microsoft never support Jet running under server You have made me very happy and saved me a huge amount of work. If you have the IIS Failed Request Tracing configured to capture trace logs from HTTP errors, you will see something that resembles the following illustration when you examine a trace log from the failure:. To do so, use the following steps:. For example, the following lines of ASP code:. Add a script map using the following setting: Can anyone help – IVAR.


Finally… a straight up article on this issue.

This is the default behavior for R2, but from my experience this past several days, I saw screen shot that is set to something else. Bryan Lewis 1, 2 20 At this point your ASP page should work fine. It appears to be a Handler issue, but I cannot figure out how to change the iix7 to allow downloading of MDB file.

Using Classic ASP with Microsoft Access Databases on IIS | Microsoft Docs

Hi there — This is the best post I have found on this issue however it has not solved my issue which is exactly this but relating to a 32bit driver from an Australian financial software firm My Own Business MYOB. Currently if I am hosting an Access. Here is the catch…. The problem, one of those files is the Single Image file.

404 Error Downloading Files via IIS 7.x

Get this to work first. Unfortunately iix7 are no bit ODBC drivers, so on bit systems you will have to run your applications in bit mode. Saved me from hanging myself. Finding all related steps to follow on same place is a joy Thank you.

In your case, I believe your vendor need to come up with a new ODBC driver that supports running in 64 bit environment. Uis7 these gurus tell me to use server manager to add roles but there is no server manager.


Double click on the virtual directory you just converted to application on step 3 above, and click handler Mappings. When you try to add to the database or update the data, the Microsoft JET database engine attempts to create a lock file with that uses an. If the software can also run in 64 bit, why bother to change to 32? Go to advanced setting iiz7 your Application Pool, and make sure the identity is set to ApplicationPoolIdentity.

It has solved my issue completely. If you were using the Process Monitor utility when you reproduced the error, the following information would be logged for the failure:. Your ASP code would then reference the System DSN in the connection string instead of the physical path of the database, which is also better for security.

I am truly, truly stuck. A couple of steps there made all the difference.