Clob XML 10 java. String CHAR n 5 java. See edited code in my response above. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I have a table that generates with an auto-generated column but I am unable to retrieve the ID using MyBatis.

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String BLOB n java. InputStream XML 10 com. If you passed in no title, then all active Blogs would be returned.

String CHAR n 5 java. There is a ibatiss solution for dynamic update statements called set. When using a Map or Collection of Map. Here’s a pretty good explanation of how to do this.

Which version of Ibatis works with DB2 Version 9

I actually changed my implementation and am now passing an object around the place, but your answer was very helpful. Date DATE 11 java. String long, int, short, byte, float, double, java. Dynamic SQL can be downright painful to deal with. Have a look at the following example: This would also fail.

iBATIS – User – Java – db2 error

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The mappings of Java data types to database server data types are for parameters in stored procedure or user-defined function invocations. When using an Iterable or Array, index will be the number of current jbatis and value item will be the element retrieved in this iteration. The most common thing to do in dynamic SQL is conditionally include a part of a where clause.

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But if you do pass in a title, it will look for a title like that for the keen eyed, yes in this case your parameter value would need to include any masking or wildcard characters. Date TIME 11 java. The returned key field value is then inserted into your parameter object and can be retrieved from there.

Mappings of Java data types to database server data types for updating database tables Java data type Database data type short, java. Blob XML 10 java. In previous versions of MyBatis, there were a lot of elements to know and understand.

When you said “as long as it has a setter” it all became clear. If you have any experience with JDBC or any similar framework, you understand how painful it is to conditionally concatenate strings of SQL together, making sure not to forget spaces or to omit a comma at the end of a list of columns.


java – Getting generated key from DB2 using MyBatis – Stack Overflow

Something like the following code sample should work: Clob XML 10 java. Calendar CHAR n 115 java. The default is ibqtis. BigDecimal variable results in better performance than using other combinations of bd2 types. When more than one Java data type is listed, the first data type is the recommended data type. If the where element does not behave exactly as you like, you can customize it by defining your own trim element.

The where element knows to only insert “WHERE” if there ibatjs any content returned by the containing tags. I have proven through tests that the SQL is working and that the rows are being inserted but I cannot get the ID generated.