Cartoons are easy to pick up Noise in.. This test was done under the exact same workout condition logic. D I like my clean DC10 captures. Funny you brining this up all the sudden. Maik Boehmeke Sparda-Bank Berlin acount number: Life has a bad attitude!

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I’m just a newbie at this stuff. Thanks for your replies trevlac! There are also utilities that can change that. Click on file, open video file, make sure ” Popup extended open Options ” is checked. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Contact Us VideoHelp Top. If you had to install the Canopus Codec to get the files to play, then something isn’t right.

Of these old mystery captured files, only the ones that say CDVC, Canopus codec installed, will import into Premiere 1. This CD contained the new driver 1. DC30 – driver xp – problemi di driver.


Maybe wrong driver settings of the bta or should I change it at the store where I bought it?? And also this noise is strange cause it besides comes also with a horizontal-noise “effect”. And as I do use a modified dc10 driver I have never heard about the possibility to capture in x px: BOTH cards got the same connection I just switched the s-video connection from one card to the other. Both Card settings set to standard settings and captured at x PAL.


The BT is not filtering the noise for you. Bye Maik Webmaster www.

Well it seems that it isn’t an amplifier needed – problem. Pagina 1 di 1. Which technically it isn’t, other than a breakout box. For edit you can use every software that support MJPG-software-codecs. Than you can send me the money in a envelope.

Pagina 1 di 1.

It would had wwdm be a funny thing to get another card working which runs under Vdub and WinDVR just for tsting, cause the driver of my dc30 a modified dc10 driver won’t be recognised by those apps. This money is for my help and future wsm of my dx30 and drivers. But maybe the amplifier isn’t ok, I also heared about problems if the signal is too much boosted so this could give on the other hand problems too. You can select standard “upper field first” and DV-compatible “lower field first”.

Life has a bad attitude! So I used avic to change the fourCC code of one of the files to MJPG hoping it would then use the cedocida codec to play – it didn’t work. Find a codec that works for importing the DV files.


Problem with BT output in compar. with DC30 [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

This test was done under the exact same workout condition logic. You can also try Panasonic’s DV codec. So I gonna sell my bt as it seems that it works correct but not with my actual running hardware combination: Can’t say I envy your situation at all.

Thanks a lot for suggestions! I installed the btwincap. It could be converting it to an uncompressed format.