The following registers are address and data registers. All eCos network devices need a unique name. After the build has completed the insight debugger should start up. Make sure that you execute a make clean command after changing this setting. When compared to classic 68k hardware, the instruction set differs mainly in that it no longer has support for the binary-coded decimal BCD packed data format; it removes a number of other, less used instructions; and most instructions that are kept support fewer addressing modes. An eCos application containing the ethernet driver will automatically pick up this address. An edited version of their original report can be viewed here.

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Now the stack pointer is advanced 60bytes and the variable ulCriticalNesting is pushed on the etherneet. At address 0xac2c we store the value of ulCriticalNesting. A check task The check task executes periodically. Make sure that you have entered the correct device names the same name as the bdm-chk tool: Thread aware file system.

Type “show warranty” for details. For this one should check that the function xPortStartScheduler is correct for the target architecture.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Click here to view a static menu. The demo application itself is targeted for the MBCC Business Card Computer which is a very cheap and powerful development platform.


Another very interesting feature of the Coldfire are software interrupts. It works for a while, I’m able to connect to the board using a web browser, but then it stops working. There are a number of possibilities: Restoring the context is done by performing the following steps:.

NXP ColdFire

Any clues on what could cause the ISR to stop working? If you want a graphical debugger you should also apply the patches to insight.

Checking if the processor is in the supervisor mode before the RTOS scheduler is enabled is also a must. It can be manipulated at the RedBoot prompt using the fconfig command, thus giving each board a unique address.

Sign up to receive notifications of new support topics then help where you can. Use the tree menu to navigate groups of related pages. Archived from the original on You can use the patches written by me which are available on the patches tab of the website. Make sure that you execute a make clean command after changing this setting.

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If your are not using an MCF processor you will need to make some changes here. Configuration and Usage Details The basic steps to get everything running is to check if the preemptive timer tick is working as expected.

Simply colvfire these files into the correct directory and change the makefiles and you should be ready to go. The documentation provided by Christian follows: The ColdFire instruction set coldfre “assembly source” compatible by means of translation software available from the vendor and not entirely object code compatible with the The exact value will depend on the processor being used, for example the MCF interrupt controllers impose specific constraints on interrupt priorities.


The eCos ethernet driver assumes that the PHY is already fully operational and does not interact with it in any way. Delivered online or on-site. All eCos network devices need a unique name.

[RTOS Support] ColdFire Ethernet with LWIP and FreeRTOS

The output should look like: Balancing out the various thread priorities and the number of receive buffers is the responsibility of the application developer. This ethernet package should be loaded automatically when selecting a target containing a ColdFire processor with on-chip ethernet, and it should never be necessary to load it explicitly. The latter approach can be error-prone and will lead to failures that are difficult to track down.