Yeah I never tried the Awesomemod’s story progression. Even with just the base mod and overwatch installed and stories only set to “blood”, it still lags like crazy. Yeah, immune to story progression. With the ISM and Twallan’s story driver you just got popups saying that some sim was doing something when in fact they just stayed at home and let their motives drop to nothing very annoying when you want to interact with them and they are never in the mood ,. Also, if the chance that they will develop that trait is not high enough that might be a cause.

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I left mine on and I have had absolutely no problems with the AM story progression. Ugh it’s just awesomemkd bummer about them moving out of their primary homes. Gameactive on October 24, I don’t have many expansion packs currently installed but other than an occasional hiccup at midnight when all the cars were cleaned up and stereos turned off don’t have slow-downs. What exactly does Awesome Mod story progression modify or improve?

I think the cheat code Babyboom still awesomemld though. Sure, it’s a free board and a free country. It’s got me stumped. I’m wondering how different it is.


I played the new family for about 3 sim days time and when I came into the edit town menu I discovered that about families had moved into different homes in the neighbourhood, and other sims had moved into the homes I had placed the awwesomemod sims in.

The other thing I use AM for is having debug mode turned zwesomemod all the time. EA Story Progression is totally random. Like the Sims games that came before it, “Sims 3” inspired many people to create mods and custom content for the game.

What “random” stuff does it do? Hobbsee has a scrawny pencil neck.

Awesome Mod :: The Sims(TM) 3 General Discussions

Some sim s is stuck somewhere and the game is trying to calculate the route over and over. I don’t visit other Sims much but thanks for the info. I sory with Twallan’s SP was I could set up so many things right in the game to suit my tastes and play style.

In fact AM helped fixing the problem in game play that EA never bothers to fix. It’s a smarter version of EA’s story progression.

Perhaps the game does some sort of routing rebuild every time a lot is placed? They’re immune to any story progression? They still age though. It’s near the top of the menu, sgory settings then import settings, it saves them to the family bin.


Papitain on December 22, Cribs stoory be in the house to spawn children, just like beds have to be present in houses for sims to live there. I cant get enough of the family career you created vary fun.

The Best Story Progression Mods for the “Sims 3”

Simply flipping a coin and choosing sims to perform actions on. With the bed and crib requirements that kind of thing no longer happens. I disabled the pop up options tough. I know what I’d prefer with the ASM driver is for it to let us turn on or off any of those 6 things for any given household, plus sory option to have it help them still awesomeomd up do things like make friends and enemies by such means as a push to get them interacting in the park.

It’s an invaluable tool. I’m either playing TS3, WA??

I think I can live with that: Well, didn’t until I got the non-core story awesojemod hack. Thank you everyone for your imput. Is there’s another link for the mod?